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So, it’s been a while since I ever did a beauty post or even just spoke about beauty in general so I thought that it was more than about time that I did so.

I have chosen 6 products/items so let’s just get right into it! Here are my 6 nonessential essentials:


This spray is called Little Black Dress. It was given to me as a gift from my Nan. I wish I knew who it was by so that I could get more of it! I won’t try and describe each ingredient to you all as I don’t think that I’m that great, but I can describe how it makes me feel ever time I wear it. I feel like a BOSS! Haha. Just take it from the title, LBD. One of the most fabulous things that has ever entered the fashion industry. You can dress an LBD up or dress it down. Where it to a special event or to go grocery shopping. It fits all occasions.

This spray I would say fits all occasions, but I do like to use it when I’m feeling especially special or done up (and because I don’t know who it’s by or where to get more, I don’t want to use it up so quickly!).

Ok, scratch what I said prior about not knowing who made it or where to get it from! I just typed it into Google (as any normal person would) and found that it is from AVON and it also comes in perfume, hand cream and deodorant stick form!! Hello new addition to my collection! Prepare to go through endless bottles Nadine.


An all over shampoo by ALGOTHERM Cosmétique Marine which is a French company. I had never heard of this company before until my Mum came back from a hotel stay and gave me the beautiful freebie goodies that she had accumulated.

I must admit that I have still yet to try it, but doesn’t it look glorious? Plus, I do like to take a shower gel and shampoo with me, especially in these mini bottles for when I’m traveling abroad or staying over at a hotel or something and having something that’s all in one minimises the amount of things that I have to bring with me which is just perfect.


This nail polish from MAKE UP Gallery that I got from Poundland is sooo unessential – especially for the reason that I don’t use it very often, but who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a manicure every now again? (Even though I always get my cousin to do it for me as I always manage to mess it up as I always find things that I ‘need to do’ just as I have finished applying the first coat. Ugh) And also, let me repeat that I got it from Poundland so, who’s complaining?

Though I tend to always wear clear when I want to have a little productivity boost (refer to the brackets prior) as I always feel more motivated to work once I see a beautiful shine to my nails, hello typing 100 words a minute for the blog! I sometimes enjoy embracing my love for black with a few fancy coats to my finger and toe nails.


Going back to smellies and I have this nice little perfume, Strictly Private bottle from Baldessarini.

I LOVE this scent so much. And I will attempt to describe it (i.e. list off the ingredients from a trusty website).

“The top note contains the unusual combination of basil and bergamot, tempered with a subtle note of juniper. This balance is reinforced by the warmth of pink pepper.

The heart note is dominated by a masculine, grassy vetiver tone – complemented with rich green balsam fir and patchouli, and rounded off with a seductive hint of rose absolue.
The base note reveals a rich foundation of cedarwood and vanilla, with ambergris notes and an indulgent créme brulèe tone.” (Baldessarini, 2016)

I have to say that it does very much smell like this but it also smells like a high fashion cocktail party (not that I’ve ever been to one) but I imagine all the ladies in fancy gowns decked with fancy accessories that glisten even when the light’s not touching them, and guys looking dapper, all dressed to the 9’s which is no coincidence seeing as it’s a mens cologne – which I didn’t know at the time my I add.

There’s me looking for a store that could provide me with a refill or better yet, a full size bottle of this sensational stuff, to find endless guys in suit photos with the words, for him written next to it. As I sat there thinking if my Dad would appreciate this little sample bottle, I slowly opened it and rubbed a little on each wrist which helped me come to the decision that I didn’t care, just as long as it smelt good. So yes, I will be keeping it, and maybe I will buy a bottle for myself; or I could just be a really lovely daughter and buy one for him and then hide all his other colognes so that he would just have to wear this one every day, haha. Best of both worlds I would say!


So I have two different hair accessories. The first being these beautiful dreadlock leaf rings that I got off Ebay. What you do is slightly twist the ring opening, attach it to your plait, loc, hair bubble, or section of hair that you want, then you just twist it back to close it and you are left with a festival ready hair do!

Though festival season is over, don’t think that I won’t still use these or just keep them in storage for when the festival season comes round – but I doubt I will wait.


The second of the hair accessories and the last of these unessential essentials are these beautifully simple metal beads. I got mine from a hair shop in town but you can just type silver dreadlock beads in on Amazon or Ebay to get the same somewhere else.

These are perfect for locs and plaits and work in a similar way to the leaf accessories. You just pull it open by the slit in the middle, open it wide enough to fit the section of hair, then you just squeeze it closed. Ta-da!

I wear these all year long and sometimes use them to clip in my faux fun hippie/boho dreadlocs onto my exsiting (natural) locs as I there are no clips attached to the faux ones that I bought just for funsies (and because I was obsessing over Annmarie Hoang’s dreads).

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see a more frequent beauty talk, let me know in the comments and share what beauty product you love!


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