Abolishing My Need or “Love” of Materialism

Living With Less

I am a borderline hoarder or should I say, I was. I had a problem with getting rid of things because I always told myself that I could save it for when I needed it (which that time barely ever came). Another reason I couldn’t let go of things was because every item I owned had sentimental value by the simple fact of just being my property. I mean, how ridiculous!

Today I own way less stuff. I have managed to downsized my belongs to half but still want to get rid of even more. I want to live simply, I want to own barely anything only the things that I truly need and some things that truly make me happy. For example I will never get rid of my guitar, Jacob because it makes me SOOOO happy! Before I would never have thought to get rid of my Marshall Speaker or record player as well as my 5 disc and tape player but I don’t really use them. They’re there for aesthetic purposes only and that’s ridiculous. I have a desk in my room which I NEVER use because I prefer to sit on the floor, so guess what I did and I’m going to do? I’m going to get rid of my desk and I also cut the legs off my bed so that I have something comfortable to sit on which is almost ground level. I just always sit on the floor so why not have everything ground level?

Probably the most important thing about the beginning of my minimalist journey is to truly understand how I live and what makes me happy. As I edit my belongings I have noticed how I actually do things, what I use often, what makes me smile, what helps me to think about God, what distracts me etc. I believe the less things I own, the more money I will have (especially if I stop shopping), the more time I will have, the less stress I will have from the sight of a messy room etc.

I’m excited to start this journey and I’m going to be sharing everything with you all! I have been filming a lot and have many vlog clips of when I started to buy a lot of things for my room so I might upload those old clips and then I will start sharing my cutting down journey. I want to own only a few items of clothing, my bed, a small selection of books that I really enjoy and only the things that I truly love and that make me happy.

What one thing could you never get rid of? Let me know in the comments!


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