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I’ve been working towards a more minimalist bedroom. I’m selling, recycling and giving away pretty much everything, even stuff I like that I don’t use too much but convinced myself that I love just so I keep it.

There’s some things that I just can’t get rid of like my guitar, Jacob and my cacti. I think those are the only things that I’m really attached to because those are pretty much the only things that I love and have invested quite a bit of money into. I know that I would miss them greatly.

I’m really into the boho/hippie style and want to work my bedroom around that theme whilst sticking to a minimalist zero waste lifestyle. I just want to own the things I need and love.

Here are some images I love that I’ve shared to my Pinterest board, Work, Home & Hotel. I would like to describe these as desert, boho, minimalist, hippie inspired. I’m not a huge fan of colour so most of these pictures are quite earthy and light which is a style that I just can’t get enough of because I am as much a fan of nature as I am a fan of achromatic colours so expect plants, wood, whites and a perfectly balanced cosy minimal bedroom inspo pics:
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