If You Know Your Worth…

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Why Wait?

If you know how much your worth, how great you are at a particular skill etc. why are you waiting for someone else to notice and give you validation? Now I’m speaking from a job perspective. For so long I’ve wanted to have a particular job within the creative sector but have sat around waiting for the jobs I’d applied for to give me that all important interview date but whenever it comes around, they always try to pay me less than I know I deserve which really annoys me! At first I thought I was just finding really rubbish jobs or they didn’t think I was good enough to be paid a lot for that role, but as I sat back and analysed what I was good at and what I need to improve, I realised that I was more than capable of doing that role and I believe those companies knew that too. They just thought that I was the kind of person who didn’t know that I was worth more than what they were charging or they were desperate to have me that they oversold quite low positions in the hopes that I would go for it thinking that it was the right fit for me to push myself, learn and improve.

I’m lucky enough to have some smart people around me that I can go to for advice and support. Each one of those (who I like to call my business mentors) told me that I was worth way more than what I was being offered and was more than capable of setting up my own business within the field(s) that I was passionate about. I guess I am but I was always afraid to take the plunge until today.

I’m typing this in the back of my parents car after a long day. This is the beginning of the hustle.

I remember a few days ago I watched an interview with Jake Paul (who if you don’t know is a huge social media star and actor) who was saying that he and his brother Logan (who is/does the same) thought to themselves, ‘we know we’re really good at what we’re doing, why are we waiting for other people to notice so we can get jobs from them when we can just use the skills we have and do it ourselves? That got me thinking about my own circumstances. Since I was a young child I never liked the idea of working for someone else because I knew that I would one day be capable of starting and running my own business doing something that I loved. Now I am living up to those dreams and aspirations that I had as a child. I am more than capable of being successful as a freelancer in the field(s) that I am most passionate about and now truly believe and trust in myself – maybe not 100% as I would like, but definitely way more than I did in the past. I believe it’s something that will come over time; I just have to keep exercising the muscle of me following my gut instinct and obviously working hard!

I’m sharing this because I know that there are people out there who were or are in the same boat as past Nadine. They doubt themselves, they are too afraid to take that step in the direction of their dreams because of circumstances or other peoples opinions, but I want to let you know that it’s possible! It doesn’t matter about the looks you get or the negative comments etc. If you believe in yourself, even just a little bit and plan correctly, research and take the first steps, you will feel so much better about yourself. Trusting yourself is so important. If you don’t already, start working on it by listening to your heart and taking small steps until you build your trust and confidence in you to start making bigger, life changing decisions.

Yes you may fall at times but you don’t have to stay on the ground. Get back up again! Dust yourself off and keep moving forward! Remember, it’s about the journey, it’s about self love and confidence, and it’s about being grateful and proud of the small steps because it’s those small steps that make those big dreams a reality!

Remember, be eclectic. From Nades.

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