I Think I Would Hate Myself If I Didn’t Pursue Music

The Importance of Defining Your Hobbies & Career Options

Music makes my heart beat faster. Music makes me cry. Music makes me dance. Music makes me happy. Music helps me dream. Music connects me to God. Music connects me to myself.

I am that person that has soooo many interests, hobbies and passions and every single one of them I want to pursue. This is the thing that makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. The fact that I find it so difficult to not get obsessed over something annoys me. The fact that when I was younger I tried for so long to focus on one thing annoys me. I am interested in A LOT of things and I love that, but it also confuses me. One day I will want to do one thing and the next I want to do something completely different. I think this is the thing that confuses people about me because they hear me talking passionately about me doing this one thing and pursing it as a career or as a hobby and the next day I will be talking about something else in the same manner. I know that some people think that I’m not consistent or they actually believe that I’ve changed my mind about wanting to do that thing when I haven’t, I’ve just put it to the side for another time because I know I will pick it back up again. The fact that I do this slightly annoys me and the fact that people actually think that I’ve stopped liking it or have changed my mind about it is a bit irritating at times because I used to keep explaining myself haha.

I’m slowly learning to appreciate this part of me because I want to love every part of myself, but I will admit that it’s quite a challenge but I’m getting there. I just need to find a way to do all that I love whilst making money from it and putting 100% effort into each aspect. I need to learn what my hobbies are and what things I want to turn into a career. By no way am I choosing to do just one thing because I appreciate and embrace the fact that I’m eclectic, but it is a bit easier to have a focus and know how much time and energy I can commit to each project or topic.

These are the things I love:



Making videos

Animals & Nature


Hmmm… what could I do with those?

I know for an absolute fact that if none of the above were in my life then I would be absolutely devastated! There would literally be nothing in the world that I would like to do – maybe I would become a mechanic or scientist haha, but no!

So now I’ve narrowed it down into the categories that I enjoy. Obviously I could make subcategories for example:

Music – singing, songwriting, guitar, piano etc. or Art – drawing, painting, interior design etc. but I don’t want to make it too difficult for myself straight away, I just want to get the basics done.

So now I have to decide what I want to keep as hobbies and what I want to invest more time and money on.

I absolutely LOVE animals and trees and the sun and stars and the moon and reptiles and insects… the list goes on, and I literally set in my mind that I would study zoology because then I could work with animals and do drawings and make art involving them and make YouTube videos about them and become a TV host on animal shows and do music on the side, but would I really LOVE that? Probably no. But could I own thousands of pets and still create YouTube videos of my millions of pets and make art on my billions of pets? 100% Yes!

So animals are going to be my happy hobby of me owning loads of pets.

What about art? I love art. It has always been part of my life and always will. It has always been a hobby of mine and probably always will so at least that’s decided.

Blogging and YouTube are the greatest things I have ever come across. I started blogging when I was 15 and literally worked on it every single day without fail. Whether anyone was reading or not, I made two articles a day in the weekdays. Then YouTube. I started off uploading a new video every 3 days on my crusty old mobile. Unfortunately now I haven’t got any editing software and my memory card is broken and I haven’t the money for a new laptop yet, but I’m so down to continue doing those and working on it consistently until I can make it into the full time.

So blogging and YouTube are going to be a hobby that will transform into a career. Well, that’s the goal.

And now music. I think I would hate myself if I didn’t pursue music. It’s my favourite thing in the world! The unfortunate but also fortunate thing is that there are so many different paths I could take with it. I love almost every aspect of music and now know that I’m not really interested in studying the business side 100%. I’m more practical and actually want to be the artist performing and doing cool gigs and stuff. But because I know aspects of the business side, I can be my own Manager. I can brand myself just fine. I have creative vision, I can make my own website (the one you’re reading!) I know what I want and I can do it. Can I own pets? Yes. Can I blog whilst I’m a musician? Yes – I’m doing it now! Can I still draw and paint? Yes, it kinda goes hand in hand with my own personal songwriting process. Can I make YouTube videos? Well, I’m kind of going to have to if I want to make music videos and stuff so, yes! Can I still have a ‘passion for fashion’? YAAS! That’s part of your branding as an artist.

Literally 3 minutes before I decided to write this article I was having a mental breakdown. I randomly clicked on a YouTube video that had a cool song on it and almost burst into tears because the song was so great. Literally minutes before that I watched a really cool fish tank setup video and thought about how cool it would be to have my own. I just really wanted to know what to focus on and without much thought wrote this article.

In my heart I always know what to do, it’s just taking the time to sit and think about it or discover what it is and do it! I feel a lot better for it and I’m so excited because pursuing music as a career still enables me to do all of my other hobbies and I can incorporate all of my skills and interests into doing so.

I hope that my life story (haha) has helped you out a little bit. When you take the time to identify what you like and love and think about ways you can pursue all whether it be 15 minutes on each hobby and a few hours on your career choice a day, at least you’re still doing something.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to start researching what direction I want to go in music.

Remember to be eclectic and embrace and love every part of yourself because you are beautiful and unique!

From Nadine


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