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I was lucky enough to be invited as one of the three guests to take part in Kimberly Peterkin radio show, Daughters of God (and the topic: What Is Your Blueprint For The Clothes You Wear?) which aired on Hope FM 87.7 at 11:00 this morning. It was a one hour show and we covered a lot of different points. I have to say I was interested in hearing other peoples perspectives, especially people who are older than myself (I was the youngest on the panel) as they may notice things that I haven’t and vise-versa.

I thought I would share some of my views on it that I shared on the show for those who didn’t/couldn’t tune in.

Here are the questions that I was asked and my answers (I’ve added a bit more to the answers as there were some things I didn’t get the chance to say):

1.What does modesty mean to me?

Modesty to me goes hand in hand with value. How much do I value myself? Not in a vain way but how much do I think I’m worth? It says in the Bible that my body is the temple of God so why should I mistreat myself, dress sloppy and not look after myself or spend time getting to know and love me, and God?

Modesty takes that percentage of how much I value me into account and dictates how I dress, how I behave and treat others, how I talk etc. Because I value myself I want to make sure that I present myself in a nice manner.

2. Are there any clothing items that you would like to get rid of?

Skinny jeans and mini skirts. I just think they’re a bit too revealing for my taste.

3. Do you think it’s difficult to find modest clothes to wear?

No! There’s no excuse for not being able to ‘find’ modest clothing because there’s always a way for you to make your clothes modest with a creative eye and a little bit of imagination. For example, if you have a v-neck t-shirt that has a really low cut, you can wear a vest underneath or you can sew a fancy ribbon underneath your dress or skirt to give it a few inches of extra length.

I also like shopping at charity shops and mostly vintage stores because you are guaranteed to find a precious gem that no one else owns. You look unique, embrace your style, pay cheaper for the item, and you can customise it!

4. What clothes do you wear/what’s your style?

I am so in love with the 50’s era. I just think that the ladies (and gents mind you) looked so elegant and stylish. They were all about embracing womanhood but in a modest manner.

I am in love with the 50’s circle skirts and dresses, the petticoats and the soft colours. I also really like 70’s flared trousers and bohemian tops dresses and skirts that are long, not see through and that flow in the wind. I like to feel free, comfortable and enjoy knowing that I’ve taken care of myself and have a bit of pride in how I dress.

I feel like the 50’s era makes me feel confident because there’s an emphasis on grooming and taking good care of yourself. All the accessories like the petticoats add an extra layer of confidence. I just feel like a different and better person once I’ve taken a good amount of time out of the day for myself, even if that is only getting dressed. It’s still me time.

I feel really beautiful in skirts and flowy boho trousers especially ones with bright colours and fancy patterns. I enjoy looking elegant, retro/vintage and different to everyone else.

5. Do you feel comfortable with your style and would you change anything?

I feel very comfortable with my style right now and don’t think I will change what I’m doing to feel comfortable. I dress modestly and make sure that I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing. I know my style – I like to look stylish and not sloppy, but I don’t want to be uncomfortable; but I’m not afraid of wearing out there clothing just as long as it is modest and in my style.

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