Nadine Hamilton is a Christian singer/songwriter, guitarist, artist and blogger based in Birmingham, UK.

I live by the slogan, Be Eclectic which means to be yourself through and through. No one fits perfectly in a box or genre.

We live in a world where people like to be defined by hashtags or genres and I believe it’s because we want to feel safe, fit in or because we don’t want to spend ages trying to understand, get to know, and accept ourselves for the diverse human beings that we are. I have decided to live against this rule after much frustration.

I have always had so many interests and hobbies which has frustrated me in the past, but ever since I decided to embrace the fact that I don’t fit into one ‘category’ I have felt so much better about myself.

No one fits into a cookie cutter mould. I believe everyone is eclectic. Now it’s time to embrace it!

You can read Nadine’s full journey here.