hey there!

hey there!

my name is Nadine and i am an all round creative. i love photography.drawing.painting.designing websites and clothes.crafting.playing my instruments (guitar and piano) and blogging.vlogging_

you may have noticed that my grammer is a bit funny and that’s intentional. you may have also noticed that i haven’t actually explained what this site’s about and if you want to know, i’m about to tell you_ (click here_)

i have been blogging for 7 years now. i had so many blogs! i took almost a year off blogging and making YouTube videos to pursue my other interests but what i’ve learned by doing that is that blogging is always going to be a part of me. it’s always going to be something that i have a huge interest in. it’s not about the views or the massive following because i’ve deleted so many of my social media sites; it’s about sharing and encouraging and inspiring those who might read it_

now, what’s this site all about ey? fashion.music.lifestyle_ that’s it. those are the three things that i’m unable to get out of my system. i absolutley love everything to do with fashion and i’m obsessed with music. i studied both at college and university and always found a way to merge the two in everything that i was doing. even the last two blogs that i was working on featured these three topics and i can’t deny they’re something that i’m passionate about_

on this here site you will find fashion related things.my own ootd’s and lookbooks, you can even buy my own pieces from my fashion line, MMU Collection. i will also write articles on the elements of the industry that i’m interested in. also there will be music related things – i will even share my own songs with you! and last but not least there will be a lot of lifestyle things such as tips.advice.brands.interviews.and an insight into my life. part of the lifestyle section will feature my self published magazine, ESCAPE which is a collection of interviews.art.and tips from creatives i find inspiring_

i hope you enjoy everything that you see here!

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