Welcome To MMU Collection!

Welcome To MMU Collection!

MMU Collection is a project that i have been working on for a good few years now. it’s finally launched and in it’s baby phases but i have huge plans for this puppy!

before i get into explaining what it is, i wanted to share a little bit of my journey with you of when i started MMUC and how i got it to where it is now.

The Journey.

2015 was the year that the MMU Collection clothing line launched in the form of a College catwalk show. it was a line that i had been working on 4 months prior to that show and it was one of the most exciting things i had ever done! i always thought that i would sell all those clothes and then turn MMUC into a fashion company where each season a new collection would come out and i worked on this goal for a year until slowly i started to lose my passion for it_

MMUC then turned into a fashion and lifestyle blog and then it became an idea of something more_

i started to get my passion and motivation for the MMUC line early this year after taking time out from blogging. i started studying music straight after College which was something i was uncomfortable with doing but knew in my heart i really wanted to do. i truly believe that because i pushed myself out of my comfort zone i started to regain passion and motivation to pursue all the other dreams that i had put on hold, such as MMU Collection. i always knew that in the future i would create something with it. i’ve always wanted to have my own store whether online or brick and mortar and i am so excited to say that the online store is finally here!

having low confidence in yourself and/or abilites and in your ideas can sometimes turn you into a procrastinator and sometimes you just have to ‘act’ on your dreams instead of sit there and think of all the things you could be or want to do but haven’t got the courage to.

whatever dream you have; whatever goal you want to achieve, make it happen! there’s only so much planning that can be done before you have to start working and doing something about it.

with all that said, here is MMU Collection: www.mmucollection.co.uk_

The Mission.

Each item you see in the store is handmade by me and i only make one of each item. the reason behind this is in the name: MMUC. Mission. The Movement for Uniqueness Collection. i believe everyone is unique and we should embrace that instead of following after the crowd. i’ve never been a huge crowd follower. if i hear something is popular, i usually tend to head the other direction. if everyone’s raving about a certain film i’ll propbably never watch it or i will watch it a few years later when it’s forgotten or less popular. it’s not something i do because i don’t want to conform; it’s simply because i don’t want to do anything because everyone else is doing it because then i lose my own identity and my own opinions. i want to do something because i chose to. at the end of the day any descision you make whether on your own or influenced by someone else is always going to have an effect and most of the time, you’re the one that has to deal with the consequences or successess of your descisions. i don’t want to have to blame anyone else for my descisions but me and I don’t want to give up my control to someone else who may or may not have my best interest in mind. i know me better than anyone else (apart from God) so how can i let someone else be in control of me?

each and everyone of us in unique and we all have something beautiful to offer to the word. don’t miss your opportunity to shine because you want to impress people, to get approval from others or because everyone else is doing it. what are you doing? what do you want to do? wear? what dreams of yours have you put off? how are you going to use your talent/skills to make a positive difference in the world? will you be your truest self to make a beautiful difference to the world?

Mission. The Movement for Uniquness Collection.

from Nadine Hamilton_


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